Isa Gambar: Real Reforms Would Contribute to Solution of Karabakh Conflict

The head of the National Center for strategic thought Isa Gambar in an interview with Turan IA and the radio Voice of America commented on the latest clashes in Karabakh and the peace talks, and talked about the peace process and the importance of reforms in Azerbaijan.

According to Gambar, the three-day war brought some military successes, which can be exaggerated or understated, but all serious experts in one voice say there was some progress and the Azerbaijani army achieved success.

It became clear that the Azerbaijani people have not forgotten and will never forget Karabakh and there is no indifference to the subject.

This is very important because the decisive factor in a war is the attitude and morale. Another major success was the fact that the Karabakh issue arose again on the agenda of international diplomacy, dropping the stigma of "frozen" conflict in the background of the events in the Middle East.

Recent events have once again reminded the international community and organizations that the conflict must be addressed to achieve a just solution to it.

Moreover, the Armenian side once again realized that the status quo will not last forever, and the land has to be returned to its rightful owner. The territorial integrity and sovereignty of Azerbaijan should be restored, said Isa Gambar.

At the same time, he noted the question of recognition of the rights of the Armenian minority in line with European standards, and this is also an important issue. "But I do not think that after the current aggravation the Karabakh conflict will be solved soon and the final peace agreement will be signed," said Gambar.

On the question whether the new Russian suggestions will be able to offer help in the peace settlement, Gambar said Russia is not likely interested in the settlement and is really interested in the preservation of its own interests and positions.

For this reason, there are many conflicts in the post-Soviet space. Thus, Moscow is trying to control the post-Soviet space, interfering in the internal affairs of the newly independent countries, sometimes reaching its goal.

If you look closely at what is called the Russian proposals, it is clear that they do not meet the principal position of Azerbaijan and indirectly serve to strengthen Russia's positions in the South Caucasus.

The truce reached today after three days of clashes is a time bomb. At any time, Russia can once again undermine it, creating confrontation and breaking stability.

For this reason, the Russian proposals are unlikely to be perceived as sincere. Only through joint efforts and steps of international organizations, taking into account the fair position of the Azerbaijani side, the negotiations will make sense.

Gambar said the 2010 Declaration was signed in Potsdam by the Musavat party of Azerbaijan, the Armenian National Movement, as well as the now in power Georgian Republican Party. The essence of the Declaration is the development of processes in the South Caucasus in a democratic way and the real democratic development of the three countries.

The Declaration also emphasized the possibility of European integration in all three countries. If the process goes in this direction, then, of course, the possibility of settlement of the Karabakh conflict will increase, said Gambar.

However, each of us should try to resolve the conflict peacefully. The April clashes may be called an operation to make the Armenians choose peace.

"We believe that this operation will force the Armenian side to look at the events more objectively and realistically. From this point of view, the April operation will be the impetus for all in terms of a more realistic attitude to the question," said Isa Gambar.

On the question whether there is a need for the continuation of the April operations, if diplomacy fails, Gambar said it will depend on the realism of Armenia, on the attitude of the international community, as well as the unity of the people of Azerbaijan.

Asked about the role and place of democratization in Azerbaijan, Gambar noted the need for continuing and deepening reforms.

Free and strong economy plus democratic reforms are an essential support in solving all the problems of the country. However, this should be not in words, but in deeds. Unfortunately, the government's actions are half, contradictory and often cosmetic.

The Center for Strategic Thought presented a roadmap "From crisis to opportunity" two nmonths ago. However, during this period, the authorities did not react to these proposals. At the same time, there are attempts to simulate the ideas expressed in this document.

"If the authorities consider the ideas presented by our Center, as well as the ideas and proposals of other political forces, there can be real political and economic reforms and we will be able to solve various problems of the country," concluded Isa Gambar. -03B-

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