Фото из открытых источников

Фото из открытых источников

Baku / 19.07.18 / Turan: For two days now, the butchers in the Sheki (400 km north-west of Baku) central market have been on strike. The reason is the introduction by the market leadership of a new rule on the mandatory slaughter of cattle in a specially designated place. At the same time, 4 manat is required for each unit of livestock from the owners.

The butchers believe the rise in price of meat can lead to a decrease in demand and will result in losses. Until now, lamb in the market could be bought at 7-10 manat per 1 kg, and beef - at 10 manat.

Local residents fear that the strike can lead to a shortage of meat and its increase in price. The city"s population buys meat mainly in the market, where about 30-40 outlets operate daily.

It should be noted that the toughening of the rules for the slaughter of cattle took place after the raids of the representatives of the Food Security Agency with the aim of suppressing the activities of illegal points for slaughtering cattle that do not meet the requirements of food security and sanitary and hygienic standards. -06D-

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