Committee to protect the rights of political prisoners calls for their release

Committee to Protect the rights of  Leyla Yunus and other political prisoners issued a statement demanding the release of all activists, journalists and bloggers.

The statement says that "after the total falsification of the presidential elections in 2013 and the usurpation of power, Aliyev regime wants to hold on to it by means of repression." "The current repression in the country on scale and cruelty can be compared with harassment and violence in the most despotic regimes," reads  the statement. The latest example of this was the arrest of journalist Seymur Hazy on trumped-up charges.

Authors of the statement also condemned the lawsuit filed by the head of the Interior Minister demanding the arrest  the head of the Intelligentsia Union, Eldaniz Guliyev,  and  prosecution on trumped-up charges underage son of  Oktay Gyulalyev,  human rights activist.

Hazy and Gyulalyev are members of the National Council, and authors of the statement demand immediate stop this repression and release all political prisoners. -05D06-

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