It is not possible to make coup with grants

The President accused the NGOs of Azerbaijan in hostile activity on the money from foreign donors. However, this statement  was categorically rejected  by political parties and NGOs of the country. Thus, the opposition parties "Musavat" and PPFA said that they are not  financed from abroad and  act in accordance with the legislation of Azerbaijan.

Representatives of civil society  were more  tough in their  assessments. Thus, the head of the Society for Women's Rights, Novella Jafaroglu , said  that the opinion  of the president Aliyev on anti-state activities of NGOs  has no basis.

"Firstly, because  all of our events are attended by representatives of the authorities. Secondly, the amount  of received grants does not  allow to work against the government, or  even thinking about it.

All grants are given based on specific projects, grants are registered in the Ministry of Justice, and  are  under  complete banking and tax control. What kind of anti-state activities can we talk? " said the  human rights activist.

According to her, behind  those who oppose the government, there is often a big business. "Experience of Ukraine and Georgia is an example.  There is not any business  behind NGOs or political parties in Azerbaijan.

In order to raise the people it is necessaery to prepare  public opinion.  The  country  does not have any possibilities for  this.  For several years, the leaders of political parties can not even meet  with  their  supporters.

In parliament there are  only  supporters of the authorities. How it is possible to work under such  conditions against the government? " said Novella Jafaroglu.  The Head of the Center for Political and Economic Studies, Hikmet Hajizadeh, called the accusations "unsubstantiated and incorrect."

"All NGOs  make regularly reports. The authorities have all the information up to the employee's salary. The amount of grants issued  for  NGOs is not high. They can not provide their employees wages higher  than 300-500 manat,"  said Hajizadeh.

Financial position of the opposition parties  is more difficult. "Therefore, it is unrealistic that NGOs  fund  political parties. Parties can not even pay the rent, utilities and phone, " he said.

At the meeting with youth in Beylagan  region on August 28  Ilham Aliyev announced the availability of foreign forces interested in destabilizing the socio-political situation in Azerbaijan. "Under the guise of assistance  million dollars come to  Azerbaijan annually. This money goes into the pocket of the opposition.

We know about it, there is nothing impossible to hide. We know what funds are on bank accounts and whose. Be aware that these funds are not spent for our national interests, " said Aliyev. -03B04-

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