Leyla Yunus: Committees to protect all countries, unite!

Imprisoned human rights activist Leyla Yunus made ​​a new appeal to her colleagues titled "Strategy for the resistance movement of prisoners of conscience" (SRMPC.)

It states:

Dear friends, supporters!

The old strategy of the Committee for the Protection of prisoners is no longer suitable.

It is necessary to create a centralized system SRMPC.

1) I ask lawyers to translate and transmit to each  imprisoned my appeal.

2) Take the letters from our children on  support, join the SRMPC, and widely disseminate in the media.

3) Protection Committee, make a lists of  SRMPC members.

4) Prepare an appeal on behalf of the Secretary General of SRMPC to the name of the Secretary General of the CE  and Chairman of PACE on the inadmissibility of Azerbaijan's chairmanship in the Council of Europe, indicate clearly the dynamics of repression and distribute among the deputies.

5) Prepare the text of the letter from SRMPC to the appropriate Committee of the European Games (CEG) and all European countries. To each committee separately.

6) Prepare a text with the dynamics of political prisoner arrested in February of 2013.

Please attach the text to the text  of appeals to the  CEG and the PACE (all the data are on my website.)

My dear!

Those who are on the "freedom", I ask all to resist. Remember, without resistance in prison is impossible.

We must unite  SRMPC, then put forward our proposals and discuss them widely.

Intiqam, Anar, Ilgar, Seymur, Rasul, İlkin, Ramadan, Thale.

Let us be all together.

Your Leyla.

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