Ilham Aliyev Approves Amendments to Law "On Education"

Baku / 14.07.17 / Turan: Azerbaijani President Ilham Aliyev confirmed by his decree amendments to the law "On Education". The innovations envisage the introduction of preparatory courses in universities, after completion of which students receive the right to study at the undergraduate level.

In particular, in the universities established by the relevant executive authority (Ministry of Education), there will be organized one-year paid preparatory groups.

The admission of students to the preparatory groups will be carried out on the basis of the results obtained by the entrants at the test entrance examinations.

Students who did not pass through the competition but received a certain number of points will be admitted to the preparatory groups.

At the end of the year's preparatory courses, students "who have achieved success in the preparatory groups" will be enrolled in the first courses of universities.

During the discussion of the bill in the parliament, the proposed innovations were criticized.

Some deputies and experts believe that assessing the knowledge of students in preparatory groups without conducting a test exam can open loopholes for abuse.

Many people consider the introduction of the order of enrolling students through preparatory courses as a partial return to the Soviet system, when corruption and bribery prevailed in universities.-06D--

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