Judicial Investigation in Murad Adilov Case Ends

In Lankaran Court on Thursday continued the case against the activist of the Sabirabad organization of the Popular Front Party (APFP) Murad Adilov, who is accused of drug trafficking.

According to the lawyer Yalcin Imanov, today was the last witness to testify - state lawyer from Sabirabad Sakhavat Mammadli. However, he again refused to appear in court.

Mammadli signed a protocol on inspection of Adilov’s clothes. However, as stated by the accused and the witnesses for the prosecution, Mammadli was not present at the inspection.

Due to the absence of Mammadli, Elshad Aliyev, the judge decided to go to the Bar.

Next they read a response from the Chief Directorate for Combating Organized Crime at the Ministry of Internal Affairs to the request of the court.

"According to the investigation, the operation to detain Murad Adilov was conducted on the basis of operative information received by the investigation that he was allegedly engaged in drug trafficking. We applied for the delivery of the investigation office’s book with registration of operational data to check whether this information about Adilov came on August 10. The court partially granted the petition and requested only a statement for August 10. From the investigative office a letter was also received, repeating the version of the investigation, but there was no excerpt from the statement," said the lawyer. Therefore, the judge decided to once again turn to the investigative office.

At the same time, the defense motion to summon the expert, who gave an opinion on the drugs identified on Adilov, was rejected.

The data on the weight of the drug has serious discrepancies between the expert opinion and the information in the report drawn up by the police. So, the police claim to have found 7.04 grams of .marijuana on Adilov and 683 grams at his home. But the expert estimated the mass of the seized marijuana at 3.93 grams and the quantity found in his house as 660 grams.

Also, the time of the examination does not match with the testimony of the accused.

Thus, on the day of the arrest the expert "promptly" gave an opinion on the alleged drugs seized from Adilov, although the procedure of detention and compilation of the report were delayed until the evening.

The next hearing will take place on May 14. The lawyer suggested that this meeting will announce the completion of the judicial investigation and the final presentation of the parties will be held.

Murad Adilov was arrested in the Sabirabad region on August 11, 2014. He is the brother of an employee of the newspaper Azadlig and the press secretary of the leader of PFPA Natig Adilov. Because of the persecution and pressure, N. Adilov was forced to leave Azerbaijan after the arrest of his brother. -06D--

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