Açiq mənbələrdən foto.

Açiq mənbələrdən foto.

The situation on the real estate market, the strangeness of compensation in connection with the pandemic, the situation on the world oil market are the topics of today's media.

The real estate market is unfreezing

The site “Sfera.az” writes about the activation of the real estate market. The author recalls the serious passivity this year due to the pandemic, the collapse in oil prices and the likelihood of devaluation. All this affected the issuance of loans by banks. In April, the situation changed a bit. In Baku in April, the secondary housing market grew by 2.5%, and the primary market - by 2.76%. The land market grew by 9.12%. In 2019, activity in the real estate market was twice as high.

What does the businessman complain about?

The site “Azpolitika.info” writes about oddities with compensations of 190 manat. According to the action plan of the Cabinet, for April-May compensation should have been received by 300 thousand employees in the amount of 215 million manats. At the same time, private entrepreneurs should have received 80 million manats.

However, entrepreneurs claim that compensation is paid for only 1 month. May is already ending, but there is still no news of the payment for the second month.

The Ending Oil War

The Bizimyol.info website discusses the never-ending “oil war” between Russia and Saudi Arabia. The conflict upset the balance in the global market. Today, a barrel of brand “Brent” is not sold for more than 35-36 dollars. Russia accuses Saudi Arabia of postponing a two-month decline in oil production.


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