Media Review March 27, 2019

The fire in the Baku shopping center Diglas and a look at the prospects for reform are the leading themes of today's media.

The newspaper Azerbaijan writes about the fire in the shopping center Diglas, which was extinguished by more than a hundred firefighters and 20 pieces of equipment. However, traffic jams on Gara Garayev Avenue created problems for firefighters, making it difficult to reach the burning facility.

In the initial version, the fire broke out in a flower shop and spread to the shopping center. The buildings located around also burned. Building materials and clothes shops burned most of all. None of the firemen was hurt.

The absence of a fire extinguishing system in the very center, as well as a distance of 2 km from sources of running water created serious difficulties for firefighters.

The website also writes about the fire in the shopping center Diglas. The author discusses a widespread Internet video, which states that, along with firefighters, civilians were engaged in the fire fighting. The article talks about the inadmissibility of the participation of non-professionals in extinguishing a fire. This took place on the second floor of the object. On the video a man in civilian clothes snatches a hose from a fireman and tries to put out the fire himself. These were the owners of the shops.

The author emphasizes that prior to the arrival of firefighters primary measures should be taken to ensure the presence of fire boards, water tanks and other objects at the facilities.

The website writes about reforms, discussing this issue with MP Gudrat Hasanguliyev, who believes that the President will complete the initiated reforms.

He argues that it is very difficult to create a state in Azerbaijan that meets the standards of Western Europe. Dangerous for reforms in the country are lawlessness and arbitrariness. The MP speaks about the importance of personnel reforms; therefore, the presence of "sharks" and the groups they lead threatens the government itself. -0------

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