Media Review March 5, 2020

The corona virus, its spread in Azerbaijan and in the world is the topic of today's media.

The newspaper Azerbaijan writes about the corona virus, recalling that the government allocated 10 million manat for medical supplies that meet international laboratory standards and banned the export of medicines from the country.

The author also writes about businessmen trying to make money on masks and alcohol. Masks worth 5 qepiks are sold for 80 qepiks and 2 manat each, and masks with a filter that cost 2 manat are offered for 8-10 manat.

Alcohol, which always cost 50 qepiks, is sold for 2 or more manat.

The website Mü discusses the economic situation amid the spreading corona virus and its impact on Azerbaijan.

The author calls for a decrease in production in China and a drop in oil prices by $ 16.

Given that China and Iran are one of the main trading partners of Azerbaijan, the domestic market of Azerbaijan may face rising prices and a deficit.

The economy of Azerbaijan will not be affected by the crisis associated with corona virus, in addition, the fate of the manat also worries people.

The website discusses the appeal of Vahid Ahmedov to the government regarding insurance of population deposits in banks. On March 1, the three-year term of full deposit insurance ended. From now on, only 30 thousand manat will be subject to insurance. Investors worry about their contributions, and the authorities are silent. Vahid Ahmedov believes that the authorities should clarify this issue.

The website writes that the corona virus hit tourism as well, so the number of foreign tourists fell sharply. Those planning to visit Azerbaijan cancel their hotel reservations.

Many tourists mainly from Iran came to celebrate Novruz Bayram annually, but this year this will not happen. The number of Azerbaijanis traveling abroad has also decreased. The author recalls that in 2019, 225 thousand tourists arrived from Iran to Azerbaijan, which is 6.3% more than in 2018.


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