Ministry of Internal Affairs pleased with the State Department report

Azerbaijan's Interior Ministry issued a statement, which endorses assessment made in the annual U.S. State Department report on the fight against trafficking. In particular, in the section on Azerbaijan, there is positive assessment of the measures the Interior Ministry in this regard.

MIA is also pleased with the presented statistics on the fight against this type of crime and measures of the authorities to rehabilitate victims of trafficking.

Next MIA assures that the fight with the evil continues successfully. Thus, in the first quarter of 2014 were identified 103 trafficking facts: 36 human trafficking cases (11 criminal cases), 33 cases involving prostitution, and 33 cases of detention of brothels.

On these facts three people were arrested and 16 victims of human trafficking were identified.

MIA also notes that a number of media publish "defamatory" material on the prosperity of trafficking in the country.

However, the State Department report confirms improvement in targeted measures in this direction, the report of the Interior Ministry says. -05D-

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