Azerbaijanis do not skimp on luxury watches

In the first half of this year in Azerbaijan in order to commerce was imported 39 wrist and pocket watches with case of gold and other precious metals. According to the declaration, on average, each of these mechanisms was worth about $ 6800. Five Swiss wrist watches with gold case had been registered in the customs for $ 13 460. But Baku is a city, which is included in the list of the most expensive ones in the world. Here on sale there are a lot of commercially available watches, the cost of which exceeds $ 50,000.

According to statistics, in the first half of 2014 legally delivered were 18 200 watches with a total declared value in excess of $ 3 million, or $ 169.7 each. Before the metro stations, many busy streets of Baku, as well as the fairs you can find merchants that offer watches, starting with 3 manat.

Statistics show that most watches come from Switzerland. From the beginning, the official distributors and shuttle traders have imported more than 8,000 hours leading Swiss brands. Meanwhile, the average declared value of these hours was $ 300. Mainly imported from Switzerland mechanical watches (6236 units), which have been declared on the border of an average of $ 145 each.

But mechanical watches are made of Chinese production in Azerbaijani customs at an average of $ 42.4. For the six months of this year from China there were officially sent to Azerbaijan 3787 pieces of these products worth $ 176,000.

Well listed French clocks: for every 307 legally crossed the border of France watches importers paid $ 403, assure the customs of Azerbaijan. From Britain and Italy, where he also made ​​good wristwatch, import virtually absent.

In 2013, Azerbaijan was delivered with the payment of legitimate customs fees 48,576 wrist and pocket watches, with a total cost of $ 6,646,700, or $ 136,8 each.

The largest official suppliers in Azerbaijan watches are of VMF and AZTIME, having in Baku and other cities of the country 11 and 6 specialty stores, respectively. --08B--


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