Convention for the protection of personal data - 32 years

Europe has officially celebrated the Data Protection Day for 32 years. This date is intended to remind people of the need to protect the privacy and private information. It also at least once a year calls governments to respect human rights in this area.

Employment, office moving, administrative formalities, health, shopping, services, travel, and Internet navigation are amenable to computer processing in almost all countries of the Old World. That is why in Europe the right to protection of this information is the primary condition for the exercise of other fundamental rights such as the right to respect for private and family life, freedom of expression and freedom of conscience.

January 28, 1981 in Strasbourg, the European Union adopted the Convention for the Protection of Individuals with regard to automatic processing of personal data, known as the "Convention № 108".

This is the only one in this area a binding international legal instrument, open to all countries.

Azerbaijan acceded to the Convention in 2008, and to the Convention on Cyber Crime in 2009. - 17D-


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