Customs Established Its Own Record

In April of this year, the State Customs Committee transferred 227.4 million manats to the state budget. This is the highest monthly figure in the history of this department.

According to the State Customs Committee, in April, the highest amount of funds was collected on customs duties - 54.2 million manats, excise taxes - 15.6 million manats and road taxes - 12 million manats.

According to experts, customs officers have achieved good results due to the ratio of the AZN exchange rate to the US dollar. Customs payments are calculated in dollars but paid in manats. In addition, this year customs officers en masse demand payment of customs duties also for cross-border trade of Azerbaijani citizens on the import of goods exceeding the individual needs.

This year, the tax collection plan for SCC has increased from 1,590 million manats to 1,810 million manats. Over four months the agency transferred 644.3 million manats to the state budget, which is one third more than in the comparable period of 2015.   ----08B

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