Defensive Facility to Be Built in Kurdamir

In the village Charkhanly of the Kurdamir region, located in the central part of Azerbaijan, an object of defensive purpose will be built. The acquisition of these plots of land has been decreed by the Cabinet of Ministers.

Deputy Prime Minister Abid Sharifov on 11 November signed the decision of the Government № 359 that the Defense Ministry will be transferred about 125 hectares of agricultural land, of which over 32 hectares belong to 41 private persons, 11.1 hectares belong to rural municipalities and the state owns 81.7 hectares of land used by others.

The Ministry of Defense is instructed to carry out preparatory work on land acquisition in compliance with the requirements of the law of AR "On the acquisition of land for the state needs" and to submit the proposal to the Cabinet.

Construction work may be implemented only after the change of the government appointments for the lands.

In total, according to the Ministry of Agriculture, in the village of Charhanly 2,951 hectares of land that belong to more than 200 farmers and legal persons are used for rural purposes. - 08D--

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