Investing in Georgia continues

Azerbaijan will continue investing in Georgia. Finance investment opportunities amid the economic development of the two countries will be the topic of discussion at conferences "Securities and shares" and "Days of the investor",  to  be held in Tbilisi on 4-5 September.

According to the  Azerbaijani Fund for Export and Investment Promotion (Azpromo), the main aim of the conference is to support the development of capital markets in Azerbaijan and Georgia, and promoting the sale of shares of companies operating in these countries. Event is organized by the Georgian "Bank of Georgia".

The conference will be attended by representatives of both organizations involved in the sale of securities, and potential buyers and investors.

Azpromo agency was established by the Ministry of Economy and Industry in 2003. Initially  the Fund  was involved in the promotion of investment and investment advice. In August 2005, the Fund became engaged in the promotion of exports. - 17D-

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