The new chairman of the ERC reported last year

The non-government Economic Research Center (ERC) reported today on the results of work done in 2012. According to the new chairman of Togrul Ghalib, the cycle was complete. Exactly half (50%) of the projects were carried out with the financial and organizational support of the European Union. In the second place (12%) is the German organization for international cooperation. Then came the following foreign structures: 8% interest for the Budapest office of the Soros Foundation and the organization Oxfam, to 6% for the British Council and the International Institute for the Control of Taxes. The organization worked in the past year also with the Marshall Foundation, the Institute of Management of East - West, AMFA and other structures.

The main activities of the Center are on budget transparency, sound management of public revenue, institutional development authorities. In addition, the partners of the program are interesting investigations macroeconomic and social policies, the analysis of the local business environment. An active role was played by the courses for young economists. Essential attribute of the project is to dialogue with the government and government agencies.

Among the Web products of ERC an important place is taken by electronic calculator of family inflation, insurance calculator, tax calculator for municipalities grant application for the analysis of the budget and the program budget transparency. Many of these products have no analogues in the CIS and Eastern Europe.

The organization during the year did not forget its own commitment to the fiscal authorities. Only on mandatory items (social contributions and income tax) are listed in the budget 17 772.18 manat. - 17D-


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