Violators of traffic accidents will be a very expensive contract for CTP

The Bureau of Compulsory Insurance in the past year revealed 298 thousand 932 exemplary driver. Now they are purchasing a policy of compulsory insurance of civil liability of vehicle owners ( CTP ) will be able to get discounts .

According to the structure , the maximum reduction of 10% on the system upgrade insurance contract can expect 106 thousand 580 owners of cars by 5% - 192 352 thousand insured .

Violators (7 635 car owners ) are waiting for traffic rules fines when updating an insurance contract by CTP . Coefficient of 0.25 in the system is being waited by 4 963 people, 60% more pay 2 413 car owners . Violators ( 192 people ) wait for twice the price increase to the standard policy to an incorrigible 45 drivers will be applied coefficient of 2.45 . Most drivers are inadequate ( 22 people three times in the past year have violated traffic regulations ) at an exorbitant price paid for the contract to CTP .

According to the State Insurance Supervision Service , the system " bonus - malus " within CTP applies from 15 January 2013.

On December 16, 2011 , the sale of policies on CTP new rates and conditions. According to the standard, for vehicles with an engine capacity of fifteen hundred cubic centimeters applicable base rate of 50 manats. As the amount of engine used coefficients from 1.5 to 5 . For vehicles engine capacity of more than 5 thousand cc The coefficient 5 , ie insurance rate is 250 manat .

For buses and vans that transport passengers to the number of seats from 9 to 16 3 factor is applied to the base rate , more than 16 seats - the coefficient 4 .

For trucks coefficient ranges from 3 to 5, depending on the maximum capacity .

For motorcycles , tractors and other agricultural machinery coefficient is 1 .

According to the law , by CTP insurance amount for damage to property is 5,000 AZN insurance amounts for damage to health , per person is 5 000 AZN overall limit for one event - 50 000 AZN . Thus , the maximum amount of insurance coverage for CTP can reach 55 thousand manats.

In Azerbaijan, a license for the provision of CTP have 12 of the 28 active insurance companies on the market . - 17D-


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