Thirteen people suspected of the organization of the terrorist attack at the airport in Turkey detained

As a result of a special operation in Istanbul and Izmir  the Turkish police arrested suspected  13 Islamists suspected of involvement in the terrorist attack -   42 killed in Istanbul airport. "Among those detained  are three foreigners,"  reported a local television station NTV. So, in Izmir  were arrested nine suspects in financing, recruiting fighters and supporting militants LIH, Anadolu Agency reported.

During the raids the units to combat terrorism and special forces found and confiscated firearms and electronic media. Earlier today, the Turkish media reported that among the three suicide bombers, exploded in Istanbul's international airport, was allegedly a man arrived from Syria, a native of Chechnya. Some media callhim Osman Vadinov,  other media  - Ahmed Chatayev. It was noted that the terrorist arrived  from  the part of Syria  controlled  by LIH. Another two suicide bombers, according to this information, were natives of Uzbekistan and Kyrgyzstan. According to others, they come from Tajikistan.  There are not yet the results of the  DNA tests of the remains of the terrorists. -02D-

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