APDW on Azerbaijan-Armenia negotiation agenda

Baku/23.05.22/Turan: The Azerbaijan Party of Democracy and Welfare (APDW) approves of the trilateral meetings between the leaders of Azerbaijan and Armenia with the participation of the President of the EU Council, Charles Michel. The Party considers it expedient to continue intensive negotiations in this format with the purpose of concluding a peace agreement, says the statement of the organization.

The APDW welcomed Michel's message after the May 22 meeting on agreements to hold the first joint session of the border commissions, restore transport links, continue discussions on a future peace agreement between Armenia and Azerbaijan, and prepare the peoples of the two countries for peace.

The APDW considers it expedient to integrate the ethnic Armenians of Karabakh into Azerbaijan as equal citizens, with their rights and security, excluding the political status based on the territorial principle.

At the same time, the APDW emphasizes that the return of Azerbaijanis living in Nagorno-Karabakh before the occupation, as well as the liberation of the village of Karki in the Nakhichevan Autonomous Republic and seven villages in the Gazakh region, as well as the clarification of the fate of Azerbaijanis captured in the first Karabakh war should be the subject of negotiations along with the rights of ethnic Armenians.

The APDW believes that along with the delimitation and demarcation of the borders, there should be a border checkpoint and a customs control point on the territory of the Lachin region under Azerbaijani control.

The APDW also drew attention to the fact that in his congratulatory message to President Aliyev on the occasion of Republic Day, U.S. President Joe Biden called on the Azerbaijani authorities to democratic reforms.

In order to start this process the APDW suggests first of all ensuring freedom of assembly, associations, speech, opinion and press, removing legal and institutional barriers to registration of civil society and political parties, ending political repressions and violence.

The Party also considers it important to adopt a decree of pardon on the occasion of Independence Day and extend it to all political prisoners.

It should be noted that the APDW was founded as a movement in 2015. Last year, the organization was transformed into a party. It is headed by the scientist-economist Gubad Ibadoglu.-06B-

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