Fazail Agamali: Facebook should be limited


Fazail Agamali, the leader of the pro-government party  "Fatherland" and Member of Parliament, called for the  restrictions on Facebook and other social networks in Azerbaijan. "These networks create a threat to Azerbaijan’s statehood," he said in an interview with Turan. He noted that he suggests not complete closure of facebook, but for its limitation.
In particular, appeals, contrary to the Constitution and aimed at the confrontation in society should be restricted.
He motivated  the restrictions  by the fact that Azerbaijan has turned into an arena of fierce competition,  and many countries, including Russia, Iran, and Armenia, are interested in weakening Azerbaijan.
The West also has its own interests, but they differ from the interests of these countries, Agamali said.  The MP believes that appeals against Azerbaijani statehood and its political stability can be made through social networks. 
As an example Agamaly called  Sunday  action  of protest against the losses in the army.
Of course, the Defense Ministry must take measures about the death of the soldier. But we can not use it against the state.
"These evil plans are controlled through Facebook from various foreign centers,  and it is necessary to investigate and expose it," said the deputy.
"It is necessary to stop calls and actions against advances of  state, carried out under the pretext of freedom of speech, press, expressions," said Agamali.
 " Revolution in Egypt was mad through social media, and what did it give the country? Azerbaijan should not turn into Egypt. It gives nothing to the Arab world, but rather ensured the interests of the West, who gladly assigns natural resources of these countries," said Agamali.
Does his opinion reflect the government's position? Answering this question  Agamali said that it was his own initiative.—03B06- 

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