Human rights defenders state deteriorating human rights and freedoms in Azerbaijan

The human rights situation in Azerbaijan is deteriorating, this was the leitmotif of today's press conference by the members of the Monitoring Group of human rights organizations.

The group protested against the continuing arrests of public and youth activists, opposition party members, journalists and bloggers. In particular, human rights activists strongly condemned the arrest on trumped-up charges in Ganja  a representatives  of intellectuals and activist Hasan Huseynli.

Currently, according to the monitoring group,  there are 29 political prisoners in Azerbaijan. Their lists were passed by the human rights defenders to the presidential administration and the Attorney General.

The potential increase in the number of political prisoners was noted.  Thus, on trumped-up charges of  drug possession  were arrested  the brothers Faraj and Siraj Kerimli; Faraj is an activists  of "Musavat" party and a blogger.

In the Tartar region a local activist Khagani Mamedov  was arrested on perjury of two women who accused him of disorderly conduct.  The Court ruled a house arrest, but the prosecutor appealed the verdict, insisting on the arrest  of Mamedov.

"Since 2013,  the arrests   have  become very common from the capital to the regions,"- said the head of the Bureau of Human Rights and legality Saida Gojamanli.

Public and political activists are arrested or charged either with drug possession, or disorderly conduct. Courts pass ruling on political order. "All this testifies to the need for major reforms in the law enforcement and judicial systems of the country", said the head of the Society on  the protection of women's rights, Novella Jafaroglu. She criticized the work of the courts and the protection of civil rights.

Thus, a resident  of Yevlakh region,  Shahla Mukhtarova, being pregnant committed murder to defend herself  against rape, but the court sentenced her to seven years' imprisonment.

" Until  the courts serve  the  corrupt officials, there situation will not improve," said the head of the Azerbaijani representation of the International Committee for Human Rights, Saadat Bananyarly.-05C06-

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