Açiq mənbələrdən foto.

Açiq mənbələrdən foto.

Baku / 19.05.20 /Turan: The National Council of Democratic Forces (NCDF) issued a statement in which it condemned the demonstrative wiretapping of the meetings of this structure through illegal cyber interventions.

So, in recent days, excerpts from video conferences of the NCDF coordination center conducted through the ZOOM network have appeared on accounts controlled by the authorities and the press. Thus, the authorities acknowledge that they are criminally interfering and record all meetings of the NCDF.

In democracies, wiretapping and disclosing closed meetings of political opponents is considered a serious crime. So, after the Watergate scandal in 1972, US President Nixon was forced to resign.

In addition to wiretapping NCDF meetings, the authorities organize cyber attacks on the accounts of individual political figures and opposition activists.

Often wiretap materials appear at the ideological mouthpiece of the government, REAL TV, and are circulated in order to discredit the opposition.

Moreover, the PFPA leader Karimli has been denied access to the Internet for a month now. The NCDF blames cyber attacks on the country's political leadership, who will have to answer for these crimes in the future, the statement said. —06B-


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