Экс-президент Армении Роберт Кочарян

Экс-президент Армении Роберт Кочарян

Baku / 07.12.18 / Turan: On Friday, the Armenian Court of Appeal rejected the appeal of ex-President Robert Kocharyan and upheld the decision of the court of first instance to arrest Kocharyan, Armenian media reported.

Kocharyan is currently at large.

Kocharyan"s lawyers intend to appeal this decision "in all possible instances and in all possible ways."

The former President of Armenia Robert Kocharian is accused of overthrowing the constitutional order by a group of persons in the case of the events of March 1, 2008.

On July 27, a Yerevan court arrested Kocharyan for 2 months, but on August 13, the Court of Appeal overturned this court decision and released Kocharyan, taking the right to immunity of the former president as a basis.

However, the Prosecutor General of Armenia challenged this decision, and obtained a revision of the case. It is not yet clear how long Kocharyan will be free and whether the lawyers will have time to challenge the latest court decision, not allowing its entry into force. -02D-

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