The grave of Hadji Murat desecrated - Musavat leader

Baku / 06.06.19 / Turan: The leader of the Musavat Party, Arif Hajili, visited Gakh"s burial site of Haji Murat on June 6, a participant in the First Caucasian War and Imam Shamil's associate.

"The grave near the village of Tangit in the Gakh region of Azerbaijan is damaged. Apparently, the remains were excavated and removed," he said in an interview with Turan correspondent.

According to him, the dig was made from the side, the headstones were not touched, he noted.

The leader of Musavat expressed surprise and indignation at the position of the Azerbaijani authorities, who are not responding to this act of vandalism.

"Such actions are a gross violation of the laws of the country, an act of vandalism. State bodies, the Frontier Service, and law enforcement agencies must explain to the public of the country what happened," said Hajili.

On June 2, the Dagestan media reported that the remains of Hadji Murat were dug up in Azerbaijan and reburied in Dagestan. -03B-

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