Authorities Use Techniques of Fighting without Rules - Ali Karimli

Baku / 14.04.20 / Turan: Around 22:30 on April 13, the Internet and all telephones were turned off in the apartment of the Popular Front Party leader Ali Karimli. This happened 10 minutes before the scheduled interview.

“I was deprived of communication with the outside world, and only in the morning of April 14 the Internet and telephone communications were restored,” Karimli said in an interview with Voice of America.

“The authorities are not able to wage a fair fight. They lose public opinion, and the people are dissatisfied with them and want to hear the voice of the opposition.

I’ve been living without a passport for 15 years and can’t leave the country. For the past 7 years, we have lost the office. We are not allowed to hold meetings and rallies in areas.

During the quarantine period, I do not leave my home and now they consider that my communication through the Internet is also a danger to them,” Karimli said.

The authorities discredit themselves, demonstrating their savagery. “They use “fighting without rules” techniques against political opponents,” Karimli said.

“Is it possible to expect from the authorities, who have not given me a passport for 15 years, who have arrested all my deputies, advisers, security guard, brother-in-law and cousin that they will recognize violation of my rights by turning off the Internet? I will consult with lawyers, and if there is a prospect of applying to the ECHR, I’ll file a complaint,” Karimli said.

According to him, the signals for the repressions were the statement by the head of state Ilham Aliyev in an appeal to the people on the occasion of Novruz Bayram about the need to isolate the “fifth column”. Under the guise of fighting against the Corona Virus, the authorities decided to weaken the opposition and isolate it.

The country has accumulated great discontent, and the authorities are so incompetent that if such a policy continues, the people themselves will take to the streets without any calls and regardless of whether the movement has a leader or not. The policy of the authorities leads the country to a social explosion, Karimli is convinced.   –03B06-


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