Zakir Hasanov: We are ready to crush the Armenians

On the eve of the country's Armed Forces Day, Defense Minister Zakir Hasanov gave an interview to the state agency AzerTAG.

Referring to tensions on the front line, the minister said that the reason for this is the continued occupation of the territory of Azerbaijan by Armenia.

 "Armenians fire on our positions, trying to carry out reconnaissance and sabotage attacks, sniper fire at our civilians, damage farmland," he said.

Therefore, the enemy must be spoken in its own language, and we do it, the enemy is losing and we take revenge for our martyrs. So it will be after that," said Hasanov.

The Minister further went on to open threats, noting that the Armed Forces of Azerbaijan are ready to hit the territory of Armenia,

"We have every opportunity to hit any object and settlement on the territory of Armenia. However, for the current situation the peaceful Armenian population is not to blame and it constrains us," said Hasanov

Speaking about the relationship of forces, the minister said that in the last period of Azerbaijan's military budget has increased by 20 times. "Military spending this year exceed the costs in 2013 by 7.1%.

At the same time, Armenia's military expenditure in 2014 was 5.3 times smaller than our military budget. "

The armaments acquired over the past 10 years created a serious advantage at Azerbaijan. At the same time substantially developed and strengthened the military-industrial complex of Azerbaijan.

Among modern armaments minister mentioned Smerch systems of various modifications and variations, tactical missile complex Tochka-U, artillery systems MSTA-S, TOS-1A, the newest T-90 tanks and others.

Serious work is being done in the direction of the training of qualified military personnel and officers.

In conclusion, the Minister touched lighting military subjects in the press, noting that in recent years in this direction have been some changes. As an example, the minister called webpage Ministry of Defense, which promptly publishes all materials.

He urged the media not to reveal military secrets, not to publish rumors and unverified reports. -03D-

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