Afgan Sadigov's Memory Broken - Wife of Head of Azel.Tv

Baku/07.02.21/Turan: On the 95th day of the hunger strike, the head of Azel.Tv Afgan Sadigov has a memory disturbance, his wife Sevinj Sadigova told Turan after a telephone conversation with her husband on February 6.

According to her, Afgan Sadigov fell into a coma on the 80th day of the hunger strike, and after he regained consciousness, the journalist began to be injected food into the stomach through a tube.

“Afgan's condition is grave. He is supported by droppers. Afgan can no longer walk, his memory is impaired, and his hands are shaking. Tube feeding was also suspended, because prolonged feeding in this way is dangerous for the stomach and can cause death of a person,” Sevinj Sadigova said.

According to her, doctors and psychologists persuade Afgan Sadigov to end the hunger strike, but he is not inclined and intends to carry out the hunger strike demanding his release to the end.

* Head of Azel. TV Afgan Sadigov was arrested on charges of extortion through threats in May this year. On November 3, the court sentenced him to seven years in prison. Since November 4, he went on a hunger strike in protest, considering the sentence unfair. On January 28, the appellate court reduced the sentence to 6 years in prison.

Local human rights activists recognize him as a political prisoner. —03B06-


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