Consideration of the appeal of Khadija Ismailova is scheduled for October 29

On October 15, the Court of Appeal began considered the complaint of the convicted journalist Khadija Ismailova to the verdict of the first instance. At the beginning of the meeting the lawyer Fakhraddin Mehdiyev requested the release of the defendant from the glass aquarium, but the judge refused. Counsel further put forward a motion to change the preventive measure - arrest and sent the case for additional investigation. The judge dismissed both applications, too. Ismayilov said her case is of political character, and was arrested for political motives. "I was punished every time in jail after writing articles in the media and thrown into solitary confinement. This is another confirmation of the fact that  my case is political," she said.

Addressing the court, the journalist said he did not believe in the justice of the court, there is no free and independent judges. "So pass your decision quickly so that I can quickly send an appeal to the European Court," she said. The judge tried to interrupt her, demanding to speak to the point. Then the judge announced that the consideration of the merits is scheduled for October 29 at 15:00.  In the courtroom were the representatives of Western embassies and opposition politicians. Ismayilova looked  confidently and cheerful. The Serious Crimes Court sentenced her to 7.5 years on trumped-up charges of tax evasion, fraud and misuse.-03D-

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