For First Time in Azerbaijan, Number of People Cured of COVID-19 per Day Exceeded Number of Those Infected

Baku / 12.04.20 / Turan: Forty new cases of the Corona Virus infection with COVID-19 were recorded in Azerbaijan. At the same time, 50 people were cured of the disease and discharged home. Thus, for the first time in Azerbaijan, the number of people cured of COVID-19 per day exceeded those infected.

The operational headquarters under the Cabinet of Ministers of Azerbaijan reported 40 new cases of infection with COVID-19 on April 12.

At the same time, 50 people were cured and discharged home, said the operation center.

The total number of infected people reached 1,098. Of these, 250 recovered, and 11 died.

There are 837 people in special treatment hospitals, 27 of them are assessed as severe, 37 are of moderate severity, and the rest are stable.

In order to identify new infections, 66,677 test studies have been conducted. — 06D-


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