Media Review for April 13, 2020

The coronavirus pandemic, and its damage to the socio-economic life of Azerbaijan, are topics of today's media.

The newspaper Azerbaijan discusses the economic consequences of coronavirus for the whole world. In 2020, the global economy will shrink by 30%. The most affected by coronavirus, China has already begun to rebuild its economy.

To get out of the crisis with the least losses, it is necessary to help small and medium-sized businesses, which have suffered the most. The government must mobilize all its forces.

The Azadlıqinfo website discusses the price of medical masks manufactured in Sumgait. Before the epidemic, masks cost 3-4 qepiks, now 10 times more expensive.

Experts believe that, taking into account all the concomitant factors, the cost of masks should be 2-3 qepiks.

The site “” discusses the situation in the car market, which collapsed after a pandemic - there is no purchase and sale, limited access to the market. If quarantine is completed quickly, the losses can be 30-40%. Otherwise, the scale of the damage will increase. In the post-quarantine period, at least 6 months will be required to revitalize the market.

The site “” discusses the price of oil, noting that OREC + agreed to reduce production to 10 million barrels, however, “black gold” on the exchanges still did not go up. True, Brent crude oil rose from $ 25 to $ 33-34. If oil production is not reduced by 20 million barrels, the price will fall.


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