MP Considers Detention and Extradition of Afghan Mukhtarli Normal

Baku / 05/31/17 / Turan: The legal basis for the detention of journalist Afghan Mukhtarly in Georgia and his delivery to Azerbaijan should be studied. If there was a preliminary decision on detention, it means that it was lawful. If, however, steps were taken that go beyond the law, then this should also be studied.

Such an opinion was expressed by the MP Fazil Mustafa to the Turan news agency, commenting on the situation around Mukhtarly, who was actually stolen in Georgia and secretly sent to Azerbaijan.

"We should check what the Azerbaijan-Georgia cooperation in the legal sphere allows," the former activist of the Popular Front opposition party said.

At the same time, Mustafa began to appeal to the cooperation between Turkey and Greece, as an example of regulation of legal issues between neighboring countries.

"Between Turkey and Greece there is an agreement on legal cooperation. However, Greece does not comply with it and does not extradite the people wanted by Turkey. Georgia and Azerbaijan are also neighboring countries. Georgia would not want undesirable people to be on the territory of Azerbaijan," Mustafa said.

He does not know the reasons for Mukhtarly's arrest and did not come across his critical publications on the authorities. "But in any case, if there are any contradictory points in his arrest, they should be studied," Mustafa said. -05B06-

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