Press Review 15.08.17

The issue of providing the population with safe food, the lack of income declarations, and the future activities of the financial ombudsman are the leading topics of today's press.

The Azerbaijan writes about social well-being and economic progress, against which the priority is to provide the population with safe food products. To this end, various state programs have been successfully implemented. It is about the activities and development of the agricultural sector.

The Echo published an article on the need to apply the income declaration. Why has the 12 years passed since the adoption of the law "On declaring incomes of state officials", but the form of the declaration has not yet been approved? By whose fault the process has stopped, and when will they put an end to this matter?

For many people, this law is not convenient. Officials do not want to live in conditions of openness. The first representatives of the state system - the head of state and members of parliament - formally declare their incomes. Why do the officials who are appointed to serve the people not do this?

In order to speed this up, a serious public reaction is needed. The public and the media should actively react to the current situation and demand from the Cabinet of Ministers an answer to the question why they have not yet approved the form of the declaration.

The Novoye Vremya is concerned with the question what the Financial Ombudsman will handle. The Institute of Financial Ombudsman at the Association of Banks of Azerbaijan (ABA) will start functioning next month. The purpose of its creation is to increase confidence in banks and settle disputes between the parties without judicial intervention.

It is assumed that the Financial Ombudsman will handle disputes with the amount of the claim up to 2 thousand dollars. The Ombudsman will be complained to only about the banks that have signed the Declaration on the transfer of disputes involving individuals - the clients of the financial institution to the Ombudsman.

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