Ramil Usubov proposes to appoint prison sentence to filmmaker

The Nasimi District Court in Baku continued hearing on the lawsuit from the Interior Minister Ramil Usubov against the Chairman of the Association of the Intelligentsia, filmmaker Eldaniz Guliyev.

Recall that on August 20 Guliyev criticized traffic police actions on his Facebook page. The Interior Minister saw this as an insult and defamation of all the police and filed a suit for defamation, demanding prosecution.

At today's meeting, the representative of Usubov suggested sentencing Guliyev to 1 year of imprisonment. Turan was told by Guliyev.

He said the proposal by the plaintiff's representative was frivolous and politically motivated.

According to Guliyev, the accusation against him is devoid of legal basis and to give it the veil of "lawfulness" they conducted linguistic examination at the corresponding center at the Ministry of Justice.

Guliyev called the proposal of imprisonment for a Facebook status aggression against freedom of expression.

Guliyev said that he is being persecuted for active citizenship and participation in the National Council of Democratic Forces.

The next court hearing, with the concluding statements by the defendant and his counsel, has been appointed for October 22. -06D--

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