Regular monitoring of avian flu

Regular monitoring of the "avian flu" started on October 20 in Azerbaijan.

According to the press service of the State Veterinary Control Service of the Ministry of Agriculture, monitoring is carried out in the Absheron peninsula, Shabran, Salyan, Lankaran and Agdjabedi, where the seasonal migration of birds is taking place. There are  national parks, nature reserves and hunting areas there. During monitoring will be shooting of various species of wild birds, their blood and tissue samples will be taken. In addition, samples will be taken and also in poultry and poultry in private households.

Monitoring results will be made public on 31 October. Veterinary Service warns of the ban on hunting, sale and consumption of meat of migratory and wild birds.

At the same time, service recalls that currently epizootic situation of avian influenza in the country is stable. The last bird flu was detected in Azerbaijan eight years ago. After that hunting in the neighboring countries has been resolved, but in Azerbaijan, the authorities do not hurry to cancel the ban. At the same time, the poachers openly shoot migratory birds and freely sell them in the markets and along the highways. In restaurants it is also easy to  order food from the "forbidden" birds.-03D04-

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