Social Activist Arrested for 30 Days

Baku / 09/03/19 / Turan: The Absheron District Court on September 3 arrested a public activist Rafael Huseynzadeh for 30 days.

This was reported to Turan by his father, an activist of the Popular Front Party of Azerbaijan (PFPA) Fizuli Huseynov.

The young man was accused of "making noise" in front of the building of the Absheron District Police Department.

F.Huseynov said that his son is being held in the bullpen of the Absheron police. However, according to him, there are no conditions for prolonged detention.

According to F. Huseynov, the reason for the arrest of his son was his solitary protest rally held in the Nasimi district of Baku in late August.

The young man protested against police red tape and not hiring him.

"My son was subjected to pressure a month ago in the village of Mahammadi in the Absheron region and was injured. He filed a complaint with the police. His complaint was not examined. And after Rafael held a protest at the end of August, on September 2, the district inspector invited him as a victim to the Absheron police. When Rafael came there, they detained him and took him to court, which sentenced him to administrative arrest," Huseynov said.

He does not know what exactly his son was charged with. From the police department he was only told that his son was arrested for 30 days.

Huseynov intends to visit his son in the coming days and find out the details.

Earlier, R. Huseynzadeh was subjected to administrative arrests for 30 days on January 25 and March 2. His father believes that on January 25 he was detained for holding a solitary rally in central Baku demanding the release of political prisoners and arrested for 30 days.

A few days after his release, he was again arrested for 30 days.

Huseynov himself was also detained and arrested for holding pickets .. - 03B-

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