The idea of creating a Media Club

Baku/30.03.18/Turan: Representatives of the journalistic community of Azerbaijan decided to establish a Media Club - an advisory platform capable of discussing important issues and problems of the media space, developing solutions and proposals in the field of media.

The idea of ​​the establishment of the Media Club appeared as a result of today's consultations in the Turan agency with the participation of a number of media figures.

The meeting was attended by Arif Aliyev, head of the Yeni Nesil journalism association, media expert and journalist Gulu Maharramli, editor-in-chief of website Zahir Azamat, editor-in-chief of website Avaz Zeynalli, editor-in-chief of Almidar Aliyev, editor of Azadlıq newspaper Rovshan Hajibeyli, director of the Turan news agency, Mehman Aliyev.

The situation in the information space wants to leave the best, where the language of enmity, aggression, the destruction of professional and ethical norms, the freedom of expression suffers, Arif Aliyev said.

On the one hand, there has been considerable progress in the field of information technology, on the other, the use of information for discrediting, defamation, insults and propaganda of violence is gaining increasing importance.

According to Zahir Azamat, this phenomenon was the result of the policy of strangling traditional media. Practically the information platforms where readers flocked practically ceased to exist.

"Aggression, which is observed today in the media space, is a response to attempts to strangle freedom of expression in a civilized form," said Gulu Maharramli.

The initiators of the Media Cube believe that the negative processes that develop in the information environment are destructive and have a serious negative impact on society as a whole. -0--

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