The village of  Lezran asks  the president for the protection

Baku / 04.03.19 / Turan: A group of residents of the village of Lezran and other settlements of the Yardimli region (71 people) appealed to the President of Azerbaijan and the Prosecutor General to ensure the safety of the village of Lezran, as well as to bring to justice those responsible for the brutal murder of a resident of the village of Bahruz Iskanderov.

The appeal says that on February 23 of this year an organized armed group of 10-12 people broke into the village of Lezran and, inflicting numerous knife wounds, killed Bahruz Iskanderov in the presence of his nine-year-old son Hasrat, residents of Parviz and Tarlan Iskander, Ibrahim Mirzoyev were also injured . Then the participants of the criminal group attacked the house of B. Iskanderov, where there were five young children.

Among the attackers were residents of Sumgayit, the village of Saray of the Apsheron district, the village of Shovud, Yardymly district.

The appeal notes that not one of the attackers was detained, although their names are known to law enforcement agencies. At the same time, members of the criminal group continue to intimidate the inhabitants of the village of Lezran, threatening with death.

The signatories of the appeal ask the President and the Prosecutor General to take this matter under personal control in order to prevent clashes between the villages of Lezran and Shovud in order to avoid further mass casualties. -0-

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