There are 133 people in  the new list of political prisoners

Baku / 04.03.19 / Turan: The Union for the Freedom of Political Prisoners in Azerbaijan today announced an updated list of political prisoners. There are 133 names in it. Political prisoners are classified into 11 groups, the Union coordinator, human rights activist Elshan Hasanov told Turan.

In the category "Journalists and bloggers" - 8 people, "Writers and poets" - 1 person, "Human rights activists" -1, Youth activists - 4 people.

In addition, there are 11 people in the "members of opposition parties and movements" group, 8 - "victims of crimes in the MNS". Still, the largest group consists of "believers" - 70 people.

In the group of "political hostages" - three people who were convicted in connection with the political activities of their relatives.

Another three people in the group are "former civil servants". In addition, 10 people are "victims of social protests." Another 14 people are "life convicted." The previous list of the organization was made public last December. Then it had 160 names.

Since then, 17 people have been released upon completion of the sentence - adviser to the head of the PFPA Mamed Ibrahim, "hijab prisoner" Telman Shiraliyev, blogger Mehman Huseynov, two convicted in "Case Said Dadashbeyli", the rest are believers from among those convicted of Nardaran events.

* The Union for the Freedom of Political Prisoners of Azerbaijan was established last November by Leila Yunus, Director of the Institute for Peace and Democracy, Elshan Hasanov, head of the Political Prisoners Monitoring Center, Eldaniz Guliyev, editor-in-chief of the Tolyshy Sado newspaper, and 06B-

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