There is no news in the case about the death of Afgan Mukhtarly�s relatives

Baku / 05.01.18 / Turan: The investigation into the death of Afghan"s sister and two nephews continues, the assistant to the prosecutor of the Zakatala district, Tofig Huseynzadeh, told Turan. At the same time, he did not answer the questions about the reasons for the incident, the appointed examinations, about the presence or absence of those brought to justice, referring to the secret of the investigation. According to information from the prosecutor's office and police of the Zakatala district, December 31, Mukhtarli Nurana Sabir gizi, born in 1982, Mukhtarli Fatima Ramazan gizi, born in 2005 and Mamedzadeh Nilay Ilgar gizi, 2015, according to preliminary data, died of carbon monoxide or food poisoning. There was hand-made stove in the house. Zakatala prosecutor's office filed a lawsuit under Article 314.3 (negligence and imprudence leading to the death of two or more people). It should be noted that lawyers appealed to the Penitentiary Service with a request to allow Afghan Mukhtaril to take part in the commemoration of relatives, but they were refused. Currently, the trial continues in the Balakan court in the case of Afgan Mukhtarly, who is accused of illegally crossing the border. However, independent sources claim that the opposition journalist was stolen in Tbilisi in May 2017 and smuggled illegally into Azerbaijan-03B-

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