Website Launched, but Partially Operational

Baku / 19.03.20 / Turan: The Ministry of Health of Azerbaijan reported this morning that the Cabinet of Ministers has launched an information portal ( to prevent the spread of Corona Virus infection, prevent disease and inform the population.

The website worked in normal mode for a short time, but then it was partially blocked.

Apparently, this is due to erroneous data on the website about the number of infected and cured. So, according to the Cabinet of Ministers' operational headquarters, on the morning of March 18, 23 Corona Virus infected people were in a specialized institution of the Ministry of Health. Previously, 4 people were cured and discharged from the medical facility.

The new Internet resource has the opportunity to ask a question and receive an answer from the Ministry of Health on-line. Operational opportunities for contacting doctors are provided; the number of the hotline is 9103.

Yesterday, at the direction of President I. Aliyev, 200 artificial lung ventilation devices were delivered to the country to treat infected people.     —0—


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