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Baku/25.07.22/Turan: On July 22,  on the occasion of the National Press Day, the Media Development Agency (MEDIA)organized an International Media Forum in Shusha on the topic “Global Media Trends, New Challenges”. The forum was attended by representatives of foreign media and experts from 20 countries, as well as media representatives, experts and officials of Azerbaijan.

But this time, the discrimination allowed by the organizers caused discontent. In addition, the scandal that broke out after the forum in Shusha between several journalists has been on the agenda for two days now.

Well-known publicist and writer Mehriban Vazir talks in the “Difficult Question” program about the event, as well as what happened at the event, about the reasons for the discrimination committed by the organizers.

According to her, there are about 3,000 NGOs in the country and it is clear that it is impossible to invite all representatives of these NGOs to the forum. Obviously, one would have to make a choice among these NGOs.

“Our authorities have chosen “their own”. They traditionally divide everyone into “us” and “them”. The country is divided into camps. This is the picture among NGOs,  among parties,  in journalism, and in literature. There is a very deep rift in the country. I see the roots of this in the well-known formula - "Divide and rule", - the writer said.

In her opinion, the choice of forum participants should have been made on the basis of other criteria, and not according to the principle of division into friends and foes.

“Of course, in this case, there would be dissatisfied people who believe that they were bypassed. And this is understandable - it is impossible to achieve absolute justice. However, it would be clear that there is at least a desire for justice. Now there is discrimination. And this leads to the fact that people, instead of striving for freedom of speech, begin to start a quarrel among themselves. As already mentioned, this is being done consciously - “divide and conquer,” Mehriban Vazir is convinced.

According to the plan of the organizers of the forum, the panel praises of the "flagships" of Azerbaijani journalism against the authorities were to become a role model, a standard of behavior for the younger generation of journalists, she said.

“To show a model of behavior - how they should act in order to receive crumbs from the master's table, that's the task. This was the main message to journalists of the media forum "Global Media Trends, New Challenges," the writer believes.--0--

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