Appointed director of e-security

Faig Farmanov was appointed Director of the Centre for e-security of the Ministry of Communication and IT of Azerbaijan.

According to the official information portal of the ministry, he had previously served as Director General of Azerbaijan "Intrans". According to the Regulations on the activities of the Centre, the structure will begin operations in the next two months.

Earlier it was reported that President Decree of 5 March approved the Regulation on the organization, authorizing the Cabinet to provide the basic parameters for its development and infrastructure.

Position ( provides for the following activities of the Center of electronic security ministry:

- The collection and analysis of information about electronic threats software, computer equipment, information systems and networks

- Coordination of the activity of the information infrastructure in the field of cyber security

- Notification of e-threats, education and advocacy on issues of cyber security

- Preparation of the software, tools, instructions and recommendations, as well as methodological support counter cyber threats

- In cooperation with the national operator of the Internet and Communication Ministry preventive measures to repel the virtual attacks.

Center the authority to establish working groups and committees with the involvement of research and educational institutions, companies, independent experts and specialists.

As the Centre is a division of the Ministry of Communications, it will determine the structure and staffing of the new organization.

The Centre will be appointed by the Ministry of Communications director and his deputy. The financial statements of the organization will act as the Ministry of Communications, and in the fiscal authorities. - 17D-


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