Second Russian airline to fly to Gabala from Moscow

The Russian airline MetroJet (from June 2013 part of the international tourist holding TH & C) has launched scheduled flights on the route Moscow-Gabala-Moscow. Prior to this, on this route was flown by only one Russian carrier - Ural Airlines.

According to official information, MetroJet will fly from even days. On Fridays and Sundays Gabala from Moscow can be reached by Ural Airlines.

As the site, the cheapest tickets from Moscow to Gabala are 3,335 RUR, if you buy this month, with a morning departure in the middle of the week.

Average price of the tickets for direct flights from Moscow to Gabala is around 4,301 rubles, or $ 93.6 (U.S. $ 1 - 35.63 rubles).

Gabala International Airport was put into operation in November 2011. Ural Airlines started operating scheduled flights on the route Moscow-Gabala from 6 December 2012. Then the minimum cost of transport in one direction was from 5,600 rubles.

There are no other international flights to Gabala. The state airline Azerbaijan Airlines operates regular flights from Baku to Gabala on Fridays and Sundays. State-regulated tariff for this route is 35 manat in one direction. - 08B-

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