What the government of Azerbaijan can expose to privatize?

The potential areas where the government  of Azerbaijan can expose  companies to privatize is the sphere of electric power, utilities, construction, maritime transport and telecommunications, said in an interview with Turan  an economist Natig Jafarli, the Executive Secretary of the REAL Movement. Commenting on today's announcement by President Ilham Aliyev about the plans for privatization of state property, he noted that the government can bring to the privatization  joint stock companies where all shares are owned by the state - "Azerenerji", "Azerishyg" (power distribution company), "Azersu" (water distribution company), "Caspian Shipping" and others. Moreover, deregulation may be subject to such companies as "Azerkerpu" and "Azeryolservis" construction and maintenance roads. The interest of investors can represent a production association "Aztelecom" that manages the fixed telephony network across the country, except for Baku. In addition, the "Aztelecom" controls a large segment of the market of Internet services.

However Jafarli doubt that serious foreign investors will show interest in privatization in Azerbaijan, taking into account the country's lack of an independent judiciary, a vibrant civil society and media freedom, as well as the presence of corruption. Without these factors, the risk of loss of investment in Azerbaijan is extremely high and many people remember the sad experience of the Turkish company Barmek, expelled from the country after large investments in the energy network  of Baku. With regard to the State Oil Company SOCAR and  AZAL Airline, the expert doubts that the authorities will give these revenue structures in private hands. -06D-

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