Manat Strengthened against USD and EUR

Baku / 26.09.17 / Turan: At the currency auction of the Central Bank of Azerbaijan on Tuesday, the dollar rate fell from 1.7008 manat to 1.7002 manat.

In commercial banks, people can buy dollars in the range of 1.70-1.7050 manat, and sell them at 1.69-1.6980 manat.

The euro exchange rate for September 26 was set at 2.0160 manat, against the rate of September 25, which was 2.0296 manat.

The common European currency in commercial banks can be bought at 2.0180 - 2.03 manat, and sold at 1.99 - 2.0120 manat.

Last week, the head of the Central Bank Elman Rustamov told reporters there is no reason to strengthen the manat. -71D-

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