Amnesty International: Azerbaijan is among the countries where the rights of NGOs are violated

Baku / 22.02.19 / Turan: Last year, many governments increased attacks on NGOs, applying restrictive laws, creating bureaucratic obstacles and a constant fear of being arrested, reads the new report of the international human rights organization Amnesty International entitled: "Laws prepared to silence".

In the report, Azerbaijan is included in the list of countries where the rights of NGOs are violated.

"In many countries, such as Azerbaijan, China, Russia, the requirements for registration and accountability of NGOs are developed. The penalty for not complying with these requirements is arrest. Human rights activist Rasul Jafarov knows what it is," the document says.

"I was arrested for participating in the Human Rights Club, participating in demonstrations," said Jafarov, who was released in March 2016 after spending a year in prison.

"Those who were not arrested were forced to close organizations, stop projects and go abroad," said Jafarov.

Azerbaijani authorities reject accusations of restricting the activities of civil society institutions. -06D-

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