Believers are detained in Lankaran

 Today a  group of believers attempted  to hold a ceremony in memory of the victims of the Khojaly tragedy, but the police did not allow them to do it.

According to the  local branch of "Musavat" party, the  mourning ceremony was held in the tea-house "Sahil". However, the police chief Huseinov demanded from the owner of the tea-house do not let  the believers in. As a result, the latter closed the tea-house and went home. The believers failed to wait  for the opening of the  tea-house;  then 15 policemen came to the scene and dispersed the crowd.

Then the  believers  came to the monument to the victims of Khojaly tragedy in the central Lankaran, where they imitated the ceremony  in memory of the victims. After the ceremony, the police detained three believers who were taken to the police station, and were released an hour later.-05B-


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