EU and Schengen zone close borders for a month

Baku/17.03.20/Turan: The European Union and the Schengen zone are closing borders because of the coronavirus from March 17 for 30 days, French President Emmanuel Macron said in a televised address to the nation. Trips between non-European countries and the European Union are also suspended for this period. Macron said that European leaders made such a decision on March 16.

France also imposed restrictions on the movement of people. From March 17 to 15 days any movement of people, meetings, family and friendly meetings are limited. The President urged the French to abolish street walks, retaining only the most necessary movements, and to comply with sanitary standards.

Interior Minister Christoph Castaner said that more than 100 thousand police officers would monitor compliance with the regime on the streets. From March 17, only movement to the place of work is allowed, for shopping. At the request of the police, it is necessary to present a document substantiating a job visit and the impossibility of remote work. In case of violation of the ban, a fine of 38 euros is imposed, and in case of repeated violation - 135 euros. -02D-


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