Açiq mənbələrdən foto.

Açiq mənbələrdən foto.

Baku/28.05.20/Turan: Bishop George of Marneuli and Khujab (Chamdeliani) on May 24, during Sunday service, raised the issue of repairing the monument to Nariman Narimanov, installed in Marneuli, in the Georgian city, where the majority of the population are Azerbaijanis.

“We do not want the demolition of the monument, because it is Azerbaijani. Such traitors were Fili  Makharadze, Ordzhonikidze, we demolished their monuments, they were part of the Soviet repressive machine, shot a lot of people, staged reprisals .. Nariman Narimanov is a  person who made a great contribution to the violation of our territorial integrity,” said Bishop George.

The restoration of the monument was carried out on the initiative of the mayor of Marneuli Zaur Dargali. His decision caused a mixed reaction. Nariman Narimanov was a prominent Azerbaijani leader of the Soviet era, a Bolshevik and a revolutionary. Rehabilitation of the monument with state money outraged the Georgian priest.

“How could the mayor afford this? I declare categorically, we give an adequate period so that they, in accordance with the law, begin dismantling this Soviet symbol, a monument to this Soviet personality! The mayor must admit his mistake and apologize! ”, the Georgian bishop emphasized, Marneulifm reports.

* Nariman Narimanov - an Azerbaijani public and political figure [2],, people's commissar of foreign affairs (1920-1921) and chairman of the Council of People's Commissars of the Azerbaijan SSR (1920-1922). The first head of the Central Executive Committee of the USSR. He died in 1925. -02D-


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